• We are committed to partnering outreach to other companies as an essential part of our strategy. We believe win:win partnerships are a key element in our goal of maximizing both the breadth and depth of the deployment of the TDC platform.

    We are open to consider partnering at any time during an in-house development project’s life cycle, although we intend to maintain an active involvement in advancement of our FRα lead project into early clinical trials. We also believe that our technology, where appropriate, can be applied to a prospective partner’s target-of-choice where, for example, the exploration of a different therapeutic modality is deemed to be an attractive option.

    Similarly, we believe that partnerships involved in applying our technology — either as a whole, or in part — can be valuable to the growth of the company. For example, while we remain focused on the rapid SiLinker cleavage/rapid TDC clearance model for our internal TDC development projects, we have an active interest in exploring collaborations with ADC companies who may wish to employ our payload cassette technology using more stable SiLinker variations in order to increase their Drug-to-Antibody-Ratio (DAR) to 6 (or more) with a technology that is designed to deliver uniform cleavage and release of a single payload form.

    We are open to both traditional models (e.g. upfront fee, milestones, royalties etc.) and other creative deal structures that enable broader deployment of our technology to mutual benefit.

    If you are interested in exploring partnering opportunities with BlinkBio, please feel free to contact Dr. Maneesh Pingle using the details below:

    phone: 561.425.8120