About Us

  • We are a biotechnology company that has assembled a modular toolbox of components allowing the design of Tunable Drug Conjugates – a new class of Drug Conjugate therapies for the treatment of cancer

  • Drug Conjugate therapies are an increasingly important part of the therapeutic arsenal available to oncologists for the treatment of cancer. These are complex drugs which are designed to use a targeting moiety to selectively deliver toxins inside cancer cells – thereby concentrating the toxins inside the tumor at much higher concentrations than in normal tissues. The goal of drug conjugate therapies in cancer therapy is to enable a significant improvement in the safety and efficacy of a toxic molecule (measured as the Therapeutic Index or T.I.) when compared to dosing the toxin on its own. In fact, most toxins used in contemporary Drug Conjugate therapy are far too toxic to normal cells to allow them to be dosed to cancer patients on their own. The predominant class of Drug Conjugate therapies are Antibody Drug Conjugates or ADCs.

    At BlinkBio, we have assembled a suite of assets for the development of Tunable Drug Conjugates (TDCs). Based on proprietary bio-orthogonal linkers (‘Blink’ linkers), we are working on an holistic redesign of Drug Conjugate technologies. Our TDC platform comprises a modular set of ligands, linkers and payloads with aligned characteristics to enable both rapid payload release in the tumor and rapid systemic clearance of the parent drug conjugate. This is intended to drive high payload concentrations within tumor cells while minimizing the time a patient’s body is exposed to the toxin. The Company has deployed proprietary Silicon based linker chemistries in the development of a unique SiLinker and Payload Cassette platform for incorporation into our TDCs.

    BlinkBio’s business strategy is focused on developing selected TDCs through clinical development while seeking partnerships with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies to broaden the utility and application of these novel drug conjugates in improving treatment outcomes for patients worldwide.